Quick & Easy way to Create, update, Optimize and

Publish your product feed to Google merchant center.


Get complete control and flexibility over every attribute of your product feed

Limitless Feed Optimization​

We assure that merchants can attribute additional values with Bulk Edit Feature. This does not stop here, we have introduced various customizing features like Product Title, Description and Product Type Values that will optimize overall search results at its best.​

Multi-Country, Language, Currency​

Easy Feed For Google Shopping brings an amazing feature that will enable merchants to configure multi language and multi currency by translating their product content and configuring multi currency checkouts. Inside Shopify Markets merchants can send feed in multiple language and currencies.

Create Promotions Feed​

Using Easy Feed For Google Shopping merchant can create Promotions Feed with in App for both, specific and All products with or without codes and Map the promotion easily to the product using Robust Filtering and Bulk Edit Feature.​

Import and Export Feed​​

Another unique feature that you will find only in this app. Using this feature, merchants can download entire data and easily customize on excel sheet once its done import inside the app after this app will automatically update product data in the merchant center.

Optimize feed using Audit score

To be successful in Google Shopping & Google Ads, Your feed should follow best practices. Easy Feed For Google Shopping gives every product a score out of 100. The score is based on multiple attributes which help you do better in SEO.

Product Reviews Integration​

We integrate with product review partners like Yotpo, Judge.me, Stamped.io, Loox.io, Okendo. You can use this integration to show product reviews on Google Shopping.

This app is amazing – I struggled for so long with Buy on google and when I found this app, it took a day to get all my products approve and online. – Stuff is amazing and supper helpful – specially Samantha the who is as fast as flash. Thank you guys for this amazing app and amazing work. This app makes life so much easier – considering all the google requirement – this app is amazing. Thanks again guys for wonderful job done.

Mega Chollos

United States